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About Myself

Hi I’d like to introduce myself. My name is Sharon Schroeder. I was previously a yoga teacher and came to hypnotherapy in a desire for self improvement, (the same reason I was drawn to yoga), and a fascination of understanding the mind and how it works, how it acts and reacts. I truly believe that having a healthy mind, body, and soul is what we all need, deserve and desire. You could say I’m obsessed with self improvement in a healthy way! And I am looking forward to taking you on a journey to becoming your best self. I want you to realise that you matter, you are worthy and you are enough, and through my hypnotherapy session we will go right to the root cause of your issue, to discover exactly what’s been

Many people find they only need one session, the impact is that profound and healing others like one or two more sessions for optimum results to be their best selves.

We also do private coaching sessions.

Another great thing about our hypnotherapy session is that in today’s fast paced world people don’t have time to waste going into therapy every week for years and years and decades on end and need to talk about their feelings going round and round in circles, and yet nothing is really happening, improving or changing in one session with me you will have a great release a big shift in your consciousness. Many people find they only need one session, the impact is that profound and healing others like one or two more sessions for optimum results to be their best selves.

Exactly what’s been holding you back for all these years.

We will help you to understand how you got that belief and help you to let it go forever. While rewiring your mind with far healthier beliefs, which are more, much more closer to the truth about who you really are, which is a unique complex beautiful soul who absolutely deserves happiness, and to be living a life without unnecessary stress and anxiety, but instead filled with joy, abundance confidence love, happiness and fulfilment. Here is a list of some of the things I can help you with, and is all available to you, and for you to help you live a happier, healthier life.

Healing cancer naturally.

Eliminate overthinking negative thoughts process and control your emotions, Eliminate unnecessary stress and anxiety. Be y confident best self with high self esteem. Eliminate eating disorders. Attract a loving relationship. Create a healthy happy love relationship. Achieve financial success. Believe that you are enough and worthy. Shed excess weight effortlessly. Improve your memory and concentration. Aceing exams without stress. Pass your driving test with ease. Get pregnant without IVF. Have a healthy happy pregnancy. Have an easy Happy birth. Sleep effortlessly throughout the night. Improve your eyesight. Improve your public speaking skills.

My way of approaching hypnotherapy, we are conscious of only 5% of our activity. That means a whopping 95% of our actions and reactions are running on old outdated programes that may have served us at 5, 7or 12 years old, but are only sabotaging us greatly now. So what do we say, Okay, I’ll just do some positive thinking, but which mind runs our thinking, will you access ur subconscious mind that’s running 95% of your life? no positive thinking alone is working with that tiny 5% of your conscious mind.

So in hypnotherapy in our hypnotherapy session. I will take you back to the root cause of your issue. We will connect to your higher self and your subconscious mind, which has all the answers, which knows exactly what is going on, and we will look at what happened, and see it from a more enlightened perspective. After gaining new clarification and understanding. This makes it very easy to reframe it, and then let it go forever. Then after a few powerfully healing techniques, we then begin to rewire your mind for optimum health and success and happiness.

I’m excited to start your transformation.